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MidAtlantic Commandery Arms

MidAtlantic Commandery Arms

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Date: January 29, 2017


Time: 6:00 pm


Place: York Buffet and Grill, York, PA


Agenda: Dinner, updates, report on Sir Ronald Giles memorial tribute, planning.  Books for distrobution will be available.


The public Facebook page for the Grand Commandery can be found  here.

The closed group page for the Grand Commandery is here

Our closed group Facebook page is here

We extend our sympathy to Rwanda and to the Royal House on the passing of King Kigeli V, on October 16, 2016.  King Kigeli honored us with the Order of the Lion of Rwanda within the past month. You may visit the King's webpage and information on the Orders of Rwanda at

We now have a Treaty of Friendship with the Orthodox Order of Saint Anna.  Their home page is here -- beware of sound!  A copy of our treaty is at the bottom of this page,

Our most recent Order of Merit for the performing arts was awarded to Reji Woods, Lancaster-based actor/singer and concert producer, for his work in bringing affordable entertainment to the Central Pennsylvania area. He's recently appeared in the musical JAMAICA in Philadelphia and the musical BIG RIVER in Vermont.  Things are happening for this O.M.!

Current Commandery Leadership

Commander: H.E. Malka Gittel Bas Reuven

Adjutant: Sir John Radle

Chaplain: Eparch Troy Shearer, KCSD

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